Why Switch ?

RPA Energy is an Electric Generation Supplier (EGS).
You need electricity and we provide it for you from the power plants and wind farms that are located right here in your neighborhood. Your power generation source, poles, lines, maintenance and repair all stay the same. The small difference is that you'll get the best available rate for your electricity, excellent customer service, and a straightforward bill which you can review in your account area whenever you like.

Switching to RPA Energy just takes a couple of minutes. All we need is some basic information about you and your service address and your average consumption and we take care of the rest. It's that easy to start saving today!

Deregulation in the Pennsylvanian electricity market has been in place now for several years providing Pennsylvanians with the opportunity and freedom to purchase power that makes sense for them. Similarly to how you can choose a long distance provider and a variety of calling plans, electric deregulation lets you choose who you buy your electricity from as well as the type of plan that meets your specific needs & demands.

How does deregulation work?
Electricity, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), is purchased for you by RPA Energy from power plants and wind generator farms. The power for your home or business, the kWh, are delivered to your home through the network of wires in the high-voltage transmission system and lower voltage distribution wires owned by the Electric Distribution Company (EDC) serving your area. The Electric Reliability Council (ERC) coordinates the market between power generators, Electric Distribution Companies (EDCs), and suppliers like RPA Energy.

RPA Energy is an Energy Provider and our job is to meet your electricity supply needs (the kWh) with the type of products that are right for you. We can lock in your price by pre-purchasing power for you and then offering you a fixed price. We also buy power from “clean” sources that don’t pollute the environment with CO2, such as wind generation, and offer you a “green” product.

RPA Energy also is your primary contact for electricity service so we help you when you switch to us. If, when you get your bill each month, you have any questions, we will be there with helpful and friendly customer care agents. Everything you need is right here at RPA Energy, excellent products and rates, an easy to read bill, and excellent customer care.

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