Common FAQ´s

How do I sign-up for electric service with RPA Energy Energy?
Signing up is easy and fast!  You can enroll right now on
Or by calling customer service at 1-800-685-0960.

Is there an early termination fee with RPA Energy?

There is no early termination fee if you are on a variable rate plan. If you are on a fixed rate plan, RPA Energy pre-purchases electricity to serve your account. If you terminate your contract early; an early termination fee depending on the length of your contract may apply. 

How long after I sign up will I stop receiving bills from my old provider and start receiving bills from you?
In most cases you will get one more bill from your current provider. On rare occasions, depending on the timing of your meter reads and the day you are switched, it maybe two bills.

What are your customer care business hours?
Our customer care hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM EST Monday through Friday. However, you can always email us or visit our website. Please visit us at

How often will you bill me?
You will receive a bill on a monthly basis that will include the charges from RPA Energy.

If I switch, will my service be interrupted?
No. Switching your electricity supplier will NOT interrupt your service.  Your current local wires company (TDSP) will continue to deliver your electricity exactly as it does today, with the same power lines, service trucks and support you get now. 

If I switch, will you have to install new power lines? 

No. You will use the same power lines you use today.

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