About RPA Energy

We work very hard every day to be an electricity supplier to our valued residential customers because we want to deliver best service quality with very competitive prices. Value we derive through energy cost savings made possible by our experience and creativity. Trust through understanding your electric energy needs and providing customized solutions and products. Stability through a locally-owned and financially-sound company partnered with other industry leaders.

We are a low-cost/high-value electricity provider through ready access to capital and stringent cost controls. As a closely held company, we answer to our customers, not to Wall Street analysts or shareholders. We focus on what is important in today's competitive retail market: solid liquidity to meet our ongoing operational and capital requirements. Unlike the publicly traded electricity suppliers whose focus tends to be on short-term quarterly earnings, RPA Energy has taken a long-term view of the marketplace and is uniquely positioned to deliver outstanding services to our customers.

To ensure the highest level of Customer Care, we are working with the state-of-the-art software solutions of the industry leader.

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