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RPA Energy Residential Electricity Supply

A Choice In Energy Plans that brings you "Good Taste"

Now that you can choose RPA Energy as your electric supplier, we have several choices for you in order to meet your demand, choose between 6, 12 and 24 month contracts and start saving now!

For every successful enrollment with RPA Energy fix 12 tarifs you´ll get a $100 Restaurant.com eGift voucher from restaurant.com! It gets even better; when you extend an existing contract, you´ll get an additional $100 restaurant voucher! And if you refer a friend, you´ll earn even more! That's a total up to $300 worth of having top class breakfast, lunch or dinner experiences! 


Choose your tarif and your savings

Just select your utility and immediately see
our tarifs. Now you can see the competitor rates
and see your savings per kwh ! 

Fill out, click "Send" and you're done!

Now enroll online, securely and easily. We just need a few basic details from you and you can start saving immediately.
No paperwork, no hassles.

RPA Energy takes over

RPA Energy takes care of the rest. Sit down, relax and wait for our acknowledgement. We´ll cancel your existing contract and help you start saving money.

Finished, welcome to RPA Energy

Within 2-3 days you´ll get a confirmation that you successfully switched to RPA Energy. Your $100 restaurant.com eGift voucher will be send to you immediately with your RPA welcome email! 

Competitive, Stable Rates

RPA´s competitive and intelligent purchasing strategy occurs constantly throughout the year, resulting in the most competitive rates for you. Your rate stays the same for the duration of the agreement. This means your cost per kWh won't go up or down based on the season or time of day, and it won't vary with the volume of electricity you consume.

Customer Care

When you have questions we're here for you. Call us or send an e-mail. RPA recognizes you have a choice in your energy provider. We value our customers and take pride in providing superior support.

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